Project Planning

The prospect of a new playground may find you in unfamiliar territory and it is not unusual to ask yourself… ‘Where do we even begin?”  How do you take an idea and turn it into a playground that kids will enjoy for years to come?

Although this may be something that you and your committee members may tackle only once in a lifetime, your friends at BDI Play Designs have years of experience, creativity, and knowledge that they would love to share with you in order to help you create a perfect playground that meets all your needs.

For more detailed planning advice, ask about BDI Play Designs' Playground Guide. You will find helpful tips and a checklist of items to help you cover every detail.  

We take great pride in walking with our customers from inspiration to installation and beyond.  

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Create a “Wish List” of ideas by visiting other playgrounds in the area, looking through the Blue Imp catalogue, and receiving input from the children and parents involved in the new playground project.  Keep several things in mind while creating your list such as municipal regulations, site size, age and number of users, accessibility, and budget. Once you have your priorities/wishlist, budget and area restrictions confirmed, we can begin creating your initial design.  At this point, you can sit back, relax, and leave it to us.  We will come back to you with a preliminary design for your feedback. 

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Once the design is established and budget goals set, your fundraising plan can go into full swing. Review possible corporate sponsors, municipal, provincial and federal grants that you may be eligible for and look for donors - both financial and in-kind to make commitments early on.  It is important to apply for matching grants once a certain threshold of funds are secured, as grant application wait times can sometimes become quite lengthy.

Get in touch with a BDI Play Designs representative for more information.   

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Preparing for construction

Your involvement during the construction planning process can vary.  Playground construction projects can range from a complete, turn-key commercial installation, to a total volunteer build utilizing a BDI Supervisor. In the case of a volunteer build, BDI Play Designs will send you and your committee a comprehensive playground planner and discuss details until you are comfortable.  The supervisor will guide the volunteers on construction day, delegating tasks and responsibilities and ensuring compliance to all current standards.  There are options between these two that can be negotiated on a project by project basis as well.