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Playground Equipment

BDI Play Designs has years of experience blending playground equipment from various manufacturers to offer a unique, custom design every time. We supply and install playground equipment throughout Southern Alberta and Eastern British Columbia.

Designs are no charge and no obligation.

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Blue Imp

When choosing a playground company, be sure that you find a company that can give you value throughout the process. 

Blue Imp celebrated their 100th Anniversary in 2017 and is located right here in Southern Alberta.  Translation?  A family-owned company located here in your back yard, that offers you quality playground equipment with a fabulous warranty; shorter shipping times; knowledge and experience that is second to none; and an amazing price point. 



Dynamo Playgrounds is a world leader in innovative playground equipment.

Our stunning designs and masterful engineering ensure that every piece we build inspires the imagination of children everywhere.  The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless!

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Themed Concepts

Crafted from glass-fiber reinforced concrete, Themed Concepts has been setting the standard in custom environments since 1971.

Durability and aesthetic appeal are strengths they wear proudly.  Standing alone or complementing our Blue Imp equipment, Themed Concepts components will stand the test of time both in durability and play-ability. 

Rock Craft

Bouldering - the latest innovation in physical exercise for parks is helping reshape the way kids and adults play.

Rock Craft boulders are an ideal addition to any playground as they foster physical fitness, promote co-operative play, and provide a safe challenge to individuals of all skill levels. 

Freenotes Harmony Park

Music... the universal language!  Freenotes Harmony Park is the industry leader in outdoor musical instruments. Invented by Grammy Award-Winning musician Richard Cooke more than 20 years ago, these instruments are durable, sustainable, and perfectly tuned sound sculptures that enhance any outdoor space.  

Often overlooked, music brings an additional and valuable quality to play that little else can.  Anyone and everyone can step up to Freenotes instruments and get lost in the music!