Planning Your Project

Whether you are planning a school or community playground, or adding a specialized surface to your backyard, the planning process may find you in unfamiliar territory.  Call your friendly, knowledgeable BDI Play Designs rep who can guide you through every step of the way!

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Creating a plan

If you can conceive it, and we can believe it, then we can achieve it. 

Although this may be something that you and your committee members may tackle only once in a lifetime, your friends at BDI Play Designs have years of experience, creativity, and knowledge that they would love to share with you! Call us today!

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Executing the Plan

BDI Play Designs provides personalized service every step of the way! 

From the initial presentation to the final design and beyond to the installation, we are there for you so you can enjoy every part of the process, worry-free. Whether you opt for a complete turn-key project or a fully-involved volunteer build, you can trust the team at BDI!

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Celebrating the Plan

Before you know it, your playground is a reality!  

Years from now,  the children in your community will still be enjoying countless hours of play and fun at the playground you helped establish!  This is the reason you've worked so hard - bringing your dreams to fruition - so enjoy it!  


Celebrate your success!

Your story could help Others fulfill their dreams