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Whether you're starting the design process or just want to see what we can offer, we're here to help! If you run stuck on a question, just leave it blank and we will explain your options in greater detail.

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Unsure what to budget for your project? Leave it blank and we will give you a call to walk you through the process. You will have access to everything we know about grants, fundraising, and budgeting.


The area available will determine the perimeter of your site, and include any use zones required for the equipment.

Letting us know how many users will be on the playground will help us determine how densely to lay out the equipment.

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There are various types and levels of accessibility to consider. We can accommodate everything from mobility disability to the autism spectrum.


Engineered Wood Fiber, Sand, and Gravel are the most economic choices but our FallSAFE™ & SofSURFACES™ rubber surfacing provide the most value. 

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A border around your area is an important finishing touch, and gives you a clear, defined separation to the surrounding area.


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Commercial Installations use our professional crew to install your equipment, whereas in a Volunteer Supervision we provide an experienced project supervisor to oversee your community members install the equipment.



Choosing a theme doesn't have to be rocket science.  It can be as simple as choosing unique colours, or something more distinctive in the design to showcase your school or area. Allow us to balance play-value, theme, and budget all while creating your personalized design!

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. 

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There are a variety of options to choose from for the construction portion of your playground. In a Turnkey Installation, BDI assumes responsibility for tasks additional to equipment installation.
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Requested Return Date
Custom Designs Typically Take Up to 2 Weeks